Once upon a time I worked in the area of commercial photography. Studio work, press work, weddings and product photography. Editorial work was published in business and consumer magazines and in newspapers. At some point, I made a career move and found myself in IT business, which took me into the arteries of fabulous companies and exciting cities in Europe and the Americas. Technology still plays a part in my life, important as a sponsor to allow for continuously increasing artistic work. So, one expertise pays off to do the other. I have learned to let them co-exist and for me it works out nicely in this way.

In recent years, I promoted other photographers via a gallery. Recently I decided to return to the roots of my interest in photography: the creation process itself. Workshops in meditation and spiritualism - and, admittingly, quite a few conversations with my partner - brought me the ability to see and feel carefully. Often I skip deliberations on the picture-to-shoot (why take the picture? how to take it? is it really useful?), and just shoot from the heart and in the situation as-is. Everything is pre-destined, including my work.


Topics you'll see are often related to infrastructure, time and space. These are intangible subjects which are "just there" and they don't communicate (did you ever listen to a canal?). I like to interprete their existence and their history, and see what comes out, often framed by research. But it's not always complicated like that, sometimes a subject is just a subject, present in certain surroundings and available for notion.